The Year in Review

On the Too Fat Lardies Yahoo Group we have been listing our accomplishments for 2014 and our plans for 2015 per the suggestion of the Duke of Lard, Richard Clarke.  I noticed that a few of the Lardies who like me are bloggers have decided to post theirs to their respective blogs and I decided I would do the same.

So, for 2014

1.  I began this Blog.  this was inspired by an article I read in one of the Too Fat Lardy specials.

2. I expanded my Spanish Civil War forces built for A World Aflame into two platoons for Chain of Command Espana.  This would be a Platoon of the International Battalion and a Platoon of the Spanish Legion.  I have a large number of Moroccans as well.

3. I built two forces and all the terrain for a campaign of Chain of Command set in the Fall of France 1940.  I have been running this campaign for my club and have run some games from it at conventions.

4. I finally put together forces for a Sharp’s Practice games set in the Pennisula Campaign and have been running games here and there in a loose sort of campaign.

5.  I am running a campaign,  though still completing the painting of two armies for Dux Brittaniarum.  This has become popular with my club and they are building forces for the game as well.

6.  Built a Celtic army for Of God’s and Mortals.

Plans for 2015

1.  Paint an Irlanda Spanish Napoleonic Army for Sharp’s Practice.

2.  Create and build armies for and Early Bougainville Campaign with Us Marines and Japanese infantry.

3. Finish my Saxons and Romano Brits for Dux Brittaniarum.

4. Create two armies and a campaign for War of the Roses, probably using a melding of Sharp Practice and Dux Brittaniarum.

5. Build an Arab force for and Arab Revolt game I am running at a convention as part of my clubs ongoing commemoration of the centennial of World War I.

6. Clean up and reconsider rules for my Battle of Lake Taganyka scenario which is part of the aforementioned World War I commemoration.

7. Work on my Gangs of New York game. Decide upon rules and build scenery paint figures.

8.  Paint figures for Darkest Africa and again build scenery!

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