Some Recent Additions.

Christmas being a very busy time for me at work, I have fallen behind in my blogging.  Still I have been working upon some wargaming projects.  These include three new buildings from Charlie Foxtrot Models which I will present here later. They are almost but not quite finished.

Some of the things that are ready to share are following.


     The first is a Bolt Action German 222, which I unfortunately dropped and damaged just before taking this picture.  I got it back together but it does need a touch up on its paint now!  I had been avoiding bolt action vehicles due to some negative comments that I have heard, mostly regarding proportion issues.  I caved on this because well it was very well priced on Ebay! I am pleased with it though it does lack some of the detail found on the AGN casting and I assume the Company B as well.  I love the slot it arrangement for the wheels however.  Helps make for a very sturdy model.  The decals are from Company B.


     Warlord’s Char B Bis.  I know, I just mentioned that I don’t buy Warlord vehicles and here is a second in the same post.  Again this was an Ebay purchase and an even better deal as it was an unboxed but bagged kit.  This was a very nice kit to assemble, except perhaps for one troublesome piece.  I am looking forward to seeing it in action.  The weathering was done with chalk pastels which applied themselves very nicely to this model.


     This is a Blitzkrieg Somua in 1:56 (as our all of my vehicles).  I mention the scale because Blitzkrieg offers both 1:56 and 1:48 which I think is brilliant.  There is a lot of argument back and forth regarding what scale is best for 28mm.  The supporters of 1:56 arguing that it is the correct vehicle scale for a proper 28mm figure. They argue that 1:48 is too large which it is.  The supporters of 1:48 however remind us that the 28mm figures are not all the same scale as each other and are not even in proper proportion to themselves, which is also true.  They believe that the 1:56 models look to puny besides their 28mm infantry companions.  Frankly I think both arguments have their merits.  I made by descision simply because I think mixing both 1:48 and 1:56 together looks silly.  Even more so if you have two of the same vehicle in the different scales (which I do…two little Renault ft 17s that will never be fielded together).  I have chosen 1:56 simply because there are more of the French vehicles available in the scale than in 1:48.


    Anyway, I am very pleased with this Somua as I have been with every model purchased from Blitzkrieg.  I purchased this one through Arcane Scenery in Britain.  The Blitzkrieg models are very clean castings with such a wonderful balance of detail and sturdiness.  They make beautiful models that can certainly stand the rigours of the wargaming battle field.  Both of these French tanks have been finished with decals from multiple sources.

4 thoughts on “Some Recent Additions.

  1. I hate dropping just finished kit, well I hate dropping them full stop but just finished the worst.

    Really like the paint jobs on the French, you have done an excellent job



  2. Well, well, well. Small world, but not surprising actually. My blog has been in hibernation as I lost my hobby mojo last year but have gained it back last summer. I’m fixin’ to post a relaunch, heralding the transition of my “Dux Westerosum” into “Lion and Direwolf Rampant”.

    Really like TFL rules. Nick Worthington has rekindled his table top interests with WWII in 20mm.


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