RIVER PIRATES! China Station #8 a Pulp Alley Adventure!

So as I mentioned recently, I have decided to move the rest of my Pulp Alley campaign away from the comic style I have been doing, and over to video. My last post was bringing the campaign up to date for that purpose. Here is the new installment Neither side really achieved there objectives and […]

Baron’s War

I have recently been buying into Footsore’s new line for the first Baron’s War. Even though they kept trying to beguile me into participating in the second Kickstarter I staunchly waited until I would be unable to benefit from any stretch goals or add-ons by waiting to pre-order the game just at the Kickstarter had […]

Crooked Dice Kickstarter, Argonaughts

I have been slowly building a new villainous cast for my 7TV Spyfy games, the Argonaughts. Ulyssess Argo, a disabled former government scientist now seeks revenge on the world that took his arms, with the help of his mechanical fiends! 7TV by Crooked Dice is a game designed to bring the cinematic adventure of 60s […]