The Year in Review

On the Too Fat Lardies Yahoo Group we have been listing our accomplishments for 2014 and our plans for 2015 per the suggestion of the Duke of Lard, Richard Clarke.  I noticed that a few of the Lardies who like me are bloggers have decided to post theirs to their respective blogs and I decided […]

Santa Visits Cry Havoc!

     Another Christmas has come and gone.  Cry Havoc participated in the Secret Santa event that is organized by the folks over at THE BLOG WITH NO NAME.  I see that the present I sent arrived on time which is fortunate as I ordered it a little late.  Frankly I would like they same […]

Putting the Cart Before the Horse…

So recently I discovered the need to purchase some likely carts for the baggage train raid of  Dux Brittaniarum.  The scenario calls for three dark ages carts which was something missing from my and my clubs collections.  I should perhaps mention that I have a more than passing interest in driving two wheeled vehicles.  While […]

Saxons and Brits

So finally got to play a practice game of Dux Britanniarum last night.  Had hoped to do so last week, but work got in the way.  Completely forgot that I had a concert that night. We played the Raiding a Farm scenario.  As this was a test of mechanics as well as an attempt to […]

Saxon Invasion- A Dux Britanniarium Review

One of the projects I am presently working on is a campaign for Dvx Britanniarvm.  I thought perhaps a brief discussion of these rules might be in order .   Dux Britanniarum is Too Fat Lardies skirmish level campaign and wargame rules for Post Roman Britain.  It is available through the Too Fat Lardies webpage […]