Fall Gelb

Been working on my new campaign for Chain of Command, focusing on the first days of the Fall of France.  The Campaign is a partial ladder campaign following the suggestions laid out in the Too Fat Lardies book AT THE SHARP END.  I would however by amiss if I did not acknowledge that I have borrowed rather freely from the Skirmish Campaigns book, FRANCE ’40- Battles for the Meuse.

Similarly, I must also mention the inspiration I have taken from David Hoyt’s two Chain of Command campaign pages on Much Ado About Nothing and Matt’s Playing the Odds.  Matt in fact did me the additional favor of supplying the templates and backgrounds from which my pdf’s have been constructed. Thank you both!

Arlon 1940

FB Title

Fall Gelb Campaign

French PlatoonTracker

German PlatoonTracker

May 10, 1940 12:30  German forces encounter French near Arlon.  Germans enjoy victory, with French withdrawing to Etalle.  French request and receive 7 replacements.

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