Santa Visits Cry Havoc!


     Another Christmas has come and gone.  Cry Havoc participated in the Secret Santa event that is organized by the folks over at THE BLOG WITH NO NAME.  I see that the present I sent arrived on time which is fortunate as I ordered it a little late.  Frankly I would like they same items I sent for my own use!

      For my part, I received my gift in a timely fashion.  It was chosen from items mentioned on my Christmas list.  I received two packages of 28mm West Wind Late Romans, a pack of spearmen and a pack of command as well as their spears.  These will soon find their way into my Dux Brittaniarium campaign.


     I would like to thank not only my Secret Santa, but also Ian and Catherine at The Blog With no Name for creating and organizing this fun program.  Looking forward to next year!

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