Saxons and Brits

So finally got to play a practice game of Dux Britanniarum last night.  Had hoped to do so last week, but work got in the way.  Completely forgot that I had a concert that night.

We played the Raiding a Farm scenario.  As this was a test of mechanics as well as an attempt to convince my cohorts to play a campaign we don”t have all of our forces ready.  The role of the Saxons were played by Chris’ Vikings and the Romano Brits were a mixture of my Romano Brits and my Saga Welsh.  Actually that isn’t really a problem, but we were a few figures short and had to add a few unpainted Skraelings for good measure.

We found that we are going to need to invest in more terrain.  Before the game begins, one player gets to place three pieces of large terrain (24″x12″).  The rulebook even suggest adding smaller pieces together if you don’t have suitable sizes but that used up what we had available!  Going to have to make some more terrain!


The Saxons had to get across the table and plunder two of the three buildings that made up the farm on their left.  this was going to prove difficult as the Romano Brits entered rather close to the farm.  Most of the Saxons went straight up the middle of the table, through the opening in the terrain.  One group of Warriors and the archers however made their way through the woods to stealthily approach the village.


The Romano Brits on the other hand mostly approached the main body of Saxons, with their archers screening out front.  In what would prove a very good plan, their Elites were placed on the left flank of the line, facing into the direction of the farm.  The Saxon archer came out of the woods and began to fire on these Comanipulares.  The British elites last a man to the archers and began to advanced towards them.  Seeing that their archers were in danger, the Saxon warriors rushed out of the woods and charged into the Comanipulares.  The fight continued for some four phases with one of the Saxon lords being injured but otherwise there was little result. The Saxon morale did suffer however.

The Main Romano Brit Force

This charge took the attention away from their archers who quickly raced into the farm to begin plundering. unfortunately for them, seeing that the tides was turning against them in the close combat, the Saxon warriors used a fate card to withdraw from their fight.  this freed the Brits to charge the poor archers, causing them to flee and defending the farm.


In the meanwhile, on the main front, the two lines lumbered towards each other.  Both placed their groups into formations, the Saxons massed and the Brits in Shield wall.  they approached within a few inches of each other, the men failing to move the distances their lords ordered!  Finally it happened.  The Saxons came upon the Brits who braced their shield wall.  Their training and discipline and, to not small part their fate defended them.  The Saxons were pushed back and had been devastated.  Seeing that he could not now reach the village, the Saxon Lord ordered his troops to withdraw.  The British, kindly, let them go.


All in all the game was enjoyed by all.  We did have some small rule hiccups and some questions we need to look into but otherwise all were pleased.  I think we might still play another game before we begin the campaign in earnest.  Looking at moving the campaign from Caer Gynntguic to the Cities of the Sabine.  Also have to give some thought on how to bring all of our players into the campaign.

I should apologize for the quality of the pictures.  I was using my cheaper camera as I forgot the better one!.



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