First Pulp Alley Game, Trail of Clues!

Thursday night the Williamsburg Legati experimented with a new set of rules Pulp Alley. When I say new I mean new for us, they have apparently been bouncing around for a whilePage_1Scenario Background:  

     The Daily Trumpet, a King City tabloid famous for outlandish and unlikely stories, recently printed an article regarding the disappearance of famous Adventurer Wes Seaver.   Somewhat famous for his belief in the actual existence of the lost land of Atlantis, he has worked for years trying to prove the ancient stories.  According to the Trumpet, Wes was working on a dig in British Honduras when all contact with him was lost.   The Trumpet claims that foreign agents killed him to steal his discoveries and claim the lost city for their own nefarious purposes.  What happened to Seaver, and what did he find?

This is the Trail of Clues basic scenario, and therefore the leagues must recover two plot points before the Major plot point is placed upon the table.

Atlantian Key (Major Plot Point)The Atlantian key is a curious gold clockwork item, hidden and packed in a small box, ready to be shipped to Seaver’s  headquarters  at Saint Croix.  Seaver had just enough time to hide it before the Nazi’s raided, capturing him.

@ Special: Hidden — The Atlantean Key could not placed on the table until the league placing it has at least two other plot points.

Torn Photograph (Minor Plot Point)—Photograph of an odd and alien looking spheroid contraption, The key itself.

Lying Native (Minor Plot Point)—a Local witnessed the Nazi attack but is too frightened to give information easily.

Mysterious map (Minor Plot Point)—Map depicting an unknown island

Dead archeologist (Minor Plot Point)

We played with Three and a half leagues.  Because of this I added two plot points following a suggestion I read on the Pulp Alley forum.  That later proved a challenge as I only have five rewards cards.  I should have included the two blanks as red herrings.  Oh well.  The Leagues were the Good Guys, Wooster and his League of Gentlemanly Toffs, two bands of dastardly foreign agents The Nazi She Wolves and Nonni and her Communists.  lastly,  I ran a dinosaur as a Terror, justt to add to the fun and challenge.

Page_2   I did take some liberties with the comic from actual game play.  All of the players ended up controlling at least one plot point.  The Toffs won with two, one of which was the Key itself.


The game is pretty cool in it self, with a remarkably easy system of play, a great ability for flexibilty and some wonderful mechanic ideas.  Look forward to more games!!

3 thoughts on “First Pulp Alley Game, Trail of Clues!

    1. I am sure that we will play more. I have been buying stuff left and right and one of my club members bought the book and the fortune cards before I even got home that night!


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