Historicon 2015


I must first apologize for being so far behind in my posting to this blog.  Historicon was back in July, but my work schedule is been so very crazy that I have been unable to properly report!

Historicon was enjoyable as it always is.  There were noticeably fewer venders and it appeared to me that there were fewer games and gamers as well.  The powers that be state that I am wrong on the last score, and maybe that is so.  I do hope I am wrong, as I wish this show continued success in it’s present city.  The facility itself did a far better job than they did in the previous years as did the Convention staff in my opinion.

Friday night I played Zvdeda’s Armada Invincible.  This game was a lot of fun and the models were very impressive and full of satisfying visual impact!  The fellow running the game had altered some of the rules and as I am unclear of whta changes he made I will avoid comment on the rule system.  We played with a mixture of the Zveda ships and Old Glory which made for a very impressive battle.  I had command of the White Bear and fought for Gloriana and England.

The White Bear
The White Bear

The rules were very basic and simplistic, a fun beer and pretzel set.  very easy to understand and adopt to and I am now looking to get a set, but they are pricey.  A word of warning, the Zveda ships don’t seem to be well scaled and certainly not with the Old Glory vessels.  Our GM had renamed the Zveda ships for smaller vessels which I think was wise.

The English Fleet Tacks towards the Spanish


On Saturday night I ran a battle from the Fall of France Campaign I created for Chain of Command and At the Sharp Edge.  This battle would bring Gross Deutchland to the outskirts of Stonne in May of 1940.


I ran the scenario as Attack and Defend.  My notes have unfortunately gone missing, so I will have to report from memory.  Four gentlemen played the game including two whom are active in the Chain of Command world, Malcolm and Ricky.  I had met them both before and Ricky had played my Chain of Command game at Historicon the previous year.  He is also the blogger at Making History. Malcolm took charge of the Germans and Ricky the French.

I do not recall all of the support options that were taken, but I do remember that the Germans chose a Panzer III and the French a 47mm Anti Tank gun.  I am still trying to find a 28mm model of one of these by the bye.  Any suggestions would be appreciated!  The French also took two mine fields which they placed just East of the bridge on the approach to the town.   These mine fields were very effective as their existence caused the Germans to leave the main route into town alone, and instead tried to come around on the flank,  Leaving them a long walk.

Mine fields defending Stonne
Mine fields defending Stonne

The French used their patrol phase very aggressively to quickly close the markers and to end the phase.   It is a pleasure to watch a patrol phase were the players understand the importance of this portion of the game.  I have seen games won on the patrol phase.  I wouldn’t say that happened here, but the Germans were left with some less than ideal Jump Off marker placement.

German troops advancing from the North East.

In the end, the combination of poor German jump off sites and the ignoring of one of their avenues of approach allowed the French to concentrate their defense on the northern road.  One of the main areas for contention being the Barnyard in the center of the table.

Poilus defending Barnyard

As the main assault approached along the North road the French took heavy fire.  Eventually this would be reduced by their deploying of their Anti Tank gun, beginning a duel of tank to gun, not to mention a good deal of small arms fire.  Eventually the gun was silenced, but not before killing a number some of the tank’s crew.

The Panzer III supported by a section of Germans startle some sheep.






The players and myself (pic stolen from Making History)

In the end it was a French victory.  All the players had a good time and I certainly did.  I love to see Chain of Command played well!

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