38 Fest in Virginia!!

Here is a Game I ran for the club last Wednesday.

Williamsburg Legati

38 Fest is a crazy scheme of Peter Barfield’s of Very British Civil Forum fame.

Forum-Banner-1  For those of you unfamiliar with the concept, Very British Civil War (or VBCW) is a  alternative history genre where King Edward refuses to abdicate upon marrying American Divorcee Wallis Simpson.  The ensuing constitutional crisis leads to a war between a number of factions many of whom enter into uneasy alliances.  Typically the game is played with ones tongue planted a bit in one’s cheek with Jeeves and Wooster provide as much research information as the actual history of the troubled thirties.

Peter Barfield who is also an illustrator for the Solway products that guide the fluff of this genre created a stratagem for a National, or in some cases international scenario and game.  38 Fest is a scenario that has been played through out Britain and here in Virginia (and who knows where…

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