Don’t Look Back! A Horror Tabletop Game by Black Site Studios

Recently, quite a lot of my time has been taken by an unexpected distraction, Don’t Look Back. I am not even a fan of slasher films and yet this game appealed to me from the very moment I read the ad from Black Site Studio. I had already participated in their pre-order campaign even before I discovered the great support the game was being given by the folks over at Black Site and the games Author as well. Matt, Connor, and Ben have really raised the excitement level for their game by creating a strong online community through their Facebook page and Twitch channel, and I felt I knew a lot about how to play the game before I had even received the box.

Upon receiving the box, I was greatly pleased by the quality of the sculpts, and the amount of stuff included in the game. Black Site Studios wanted a game that could appeal to people who have never played a tabletop miniatures game and therefore they have included pretty much everything you need to play the game in the starter box. All that is needed further is some trees and bushes and a surface to play on. (not to mention glue and paint for the miniatures). The figures and the buildings do require some construction, but nothing to very challenging. I did have some issues with my cabin which I think might have been a little daunting for a beginner, but the figures were easily assembled. The miniatures themselves are resin, and therefore fragile. One of my miniatures came with a pre-broken shotgun, which was a little disappointing but was easy enough to fix with a little glue.

The rule book is a challenge. While the rules are relatively few and the book is only thirty some pages long, they are often laid out oddly, making it difficult to find what you are looking for and at least one rule is missing. There are also a few typos that cause a bit of additional confusion. DON”T LET THIS STOP YOU FROM BUYING THE GAME!!! Black Site Studios is new to producing games and they have already learned a lot by the mistakes in the rulebook, and the mistakes are mostly proofreading issues. The rules of the game are actually very simple, very elegant, and very enjoyable, they are just a bit challenging to learn from the rulebook! Fortunately, their are other options.

The Don’t Look Back by BSS Facebook page is a great community of supporters of the game and questions are answered as well as inspiration and support given.

The BSS Terrain Twitch channel has weekly gameplay streams which are kind of like hanging out and playing with the game developers. Some of these Twitch videos are also available on their Black Site Studios Youtube channel.

Black Site Studios has supported the game with a few free online resources and already have 4 expansions (for a game the was only released a little more than a month ago) and have created a neoprene game mat for the game as well. The Don’t Look Back stuff seems to go out of stock on their webpage pretty quickly, but it usually gets restocked pretty fast as well.

I noticed that I haven’t done a “how to play video” for the game. Black Site Studios does have this pretty well covered, but maybe I will do one as well.

Anyway, I do recommend this game highly. It is suitable for non-gamers and gamers a like is co-operative or solo play, perfect for the present world can be played pretty quickly and is a great deal of fun.

Until next time


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