How To Play 7TV Pulp by Crooked Dice

UntitledHow To Play 7TV Pulp

Crooked Dice recently entered into an interesting project with the Creative Writing students of Edgehill University to create a Pulp version of their popular rules 7TV.  This is really intriguing to me and I would love to see more such collaborations to help train for the future of our hobby.

7TV pulp is, of course, a variation of 7TV designed to help bring alive the pulp movies and television of the past.  The game remains mostly the same as 7TV Spyfy, with several new character cards.  The biggest changes to the game is the introduction of Cliffhanger cards (replacing countdown cards), Peril Cards (which add challenges to the usual episodes), and the McGuffin cards (which actually assign a role to the Mcguffin objective).

For more information visit the Cry Havoc Wargaming Channel through the above link for a how-to example of gameplay.



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