House of Lau, A Pulp Alley Adventure


Just played the 3rd installment of Pulp Alley’s China Station Campaign.  This was their scenario a month program for 2019.  (Subscriptions are presently being taken for next years scenarios).

Annotation 2019-12-31 003728

This episode has our heroes trying to hide from Captain Hakka’s Japanese soldiers by hiding in Madame Lau’s “House of Fallen Flowers”, the first brothel in China Station.  It is a non-combat adventure, where characters interact with various locals to get an introduction to the elusive Dr. Koo, challenge each other in non-lethal games, and convince local bystanders to aid their efforts.  At first, only the four minor plot points are deployed, the major plot point Dr. Koo being placed at the end of turn four.  When I minor plot point is achieved a scenario card is pulled.  Some of these are rewards, some are not.  Some cause the minor plot point to be removed and some do not.  Some of them are “friendly Introduction” cards that are necessary to play the Major plot point.  there is also a roving perilous area in the form of a drunken band of Japanese soldiers.


Once again, our leagues were the S.S. Venture crew and the Explorers Club.   Since it is a non-combat scenario, we decided to play co-op style.  Capt. Inglehorn spoke with Captain Stratton right off and took that plot point, but not without seeing his stowaway Choy knocked out.


Similarly, Singapore Smith managed to get her friendly introduction from Mr. Lau, who was forcing her to chase him around his gardens.  Did I mention that the minor plot points move around randomly?


Cheng also proved troublesome, as he left the garden and wandered out into the jungle.  He was still not contolled by the end of the game.  Dr Koo was another matter entirely.


When Dr Koo did arrive, he appeared very near to Singapore Smith, who simply walked over, pass a 3 peril rather handily and then got a free pass for the plot challenge!


The scenario is 7 turns long, so the last two turns were spent trying to chase Cheng through the jungle with little effect, and the drunken Japanese kept harassing  Inglehorn’s crew.  In the end, the Explorer’s Club were the winners of this scenario, but both sides gain some rewards and a little reputation as well.

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