Breakout! A Pulp Alley Scenario

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The second of this year’s Pulp Alley Scenario of the Month China Station is Breakout.  In this scenario, the leagues have to free one of their captured characters from a military camp.

Unlike the previous scenario, Enemy Patrol, the guards are now proper NPCs and fully able to shoot or be shot. the scenario begins with two on the table but more will arrive if the alarm is raised.

We played with the same two Leagues, Singapore Smith and her Explorer’s Club, and Captain Engelhorn and the crew of the S.S. Venture.  Each league has a hostage they must rescue.  We choose these randomly from the unfound characters of the previous scenario with the exception of Smith’s dog Chu-chu.


In this scenario, there are four minor plot points placed.  The major plot points represent the missing characters.  They are not placed at the game beginning.  The minor plot points each have their own reward cards and the Major plot points are placed per the instructions on these cards.  The major plot has to be escorted off the table but once done all that players league will also leave.

The minor plot points were a drunk cook, a local girl, a lazy guard, and a logbook.

the scenario is set at night and all the characters begin the game hidden.


Captain Engelhorn took the drunken cook point placing his missing character Ben Hayes near the center of the table.  Shortly after Archer of the Explorer’s Club spoke with the local girl.

Now both prisoners were on the table rather close to each other and unfortunately too close to the two Japanese guards.  The Explorers sat bidding their time looking for a suitable time to strike without raising the alarm, meanwhile the sailors came around the flank and found the logbook.


Eventually one of the two Japanese guards went into the mess hall for a snack giving the Explorers the opportunity the waited for.  With quick action, Lowell ambushed the remaining soldier returning to hiding before the other guard returned.  This gave Lumpy and Smith the chance they needed to get their prisoners and leave.


Waheed began to question the remaining plot point, the lazy guard when the hungry soldier returned from the mess shack.  The alarm was raised and shots were fired just as the prisoners were brought to safety, all just at the end of turn 6!


This was a scenario was a lot of fun, with all the sneaking about to avoid discovery and with the alarm being sounded just as we concluded the game.  I love when random dice rolls create a logical narrative.

Until next time,


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