Secret Santa Wish List!


     Well once again I am participating in the Secret Santa list that is run every year by Ian and Cath at the Blog With No Name.  One of the suggestions there is that we aid our Secret Santas by providing a wish list so I will do so here.  The below listed items are not in any particular order.  I have for shipping considerations divided the list into US and Non US suppliers.

Non US suppliers

28mm multi period 30″ life boat from Barrage Minatures

28mm Copplestone WWI ( Ghurkas or Muslim Infantry)

28mm SCW01 MOROCCAN REGULARS IN TURBAN (8)  Riff Raff Minatures

US Suppliers

28mm Arab Revolt, Brigade Games (Arab Irregulars with Lewis guns, Arab irregulars, Arab irregular command and/ or Lawrence of Arabia)

28mm Brigade Games British Para (Airborne section)

28mm Brigade Games German (Late War section in smocks, late war command, late war AT weapons)

Various Suppliers

Any battlefield scatter.  More so if it fits for Napoleonic Spain, Spanish Civil War, WWII France or Belgium or any where in the world for pulp 1930s



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