CHINA STATION! Three old Pulp Alley Adventures!

Apparently I got a little distracted from this project, probably do to Covid and then the creation of the Youtube Channel which I have been far better about updating then I ever was this blog. Presently I am planning to return to the CHINA STATION campaign, though I intend to continue with it as videos, the most recent games I played however, back in February of 2020 never found there way here. I will attempt to remedy that now as well as I might.

” Under the cover of darkness, mysterious arsonists rampage through China Station. Captain Engelhorn and the Explorer’s club both combined their efforts to save the city!”

This was a difficult game as I recall and quite a few characters were taken out before the Arsonists were finally subdued.

“Along a particularly twisting stretch of rural road, two leagues battle for control of a mysterious crate.”

This adventure did not lend itself to very interesting pictures, and I decided back then it wouldn’t get full treatment. For this game the 3×3 table is divided into a twisty road basically crossing the table three times. This game couldn’t really be played as co-op, and so it was Engelhorn and his SS Venture crew against Singapore Smith and her Explorer’s club.

I don’t remember who won. I think Captain Engelhorn had the crate and failed to get it off the table but I don’t recall. This is the challenge of AAR’s that are over a year old!

“A number of seemingly ancient scrolls have appeared in China Station. All the scroll appear to be treasure maps and are widely acknowledged to be clever fakes. However, one of these scrolls may reveal the secret to finding untold riches…”

This game requires that the players interact with the plot points (all of whom are various China Station locals) to verify the accuracy of a scroll they have. Due to this, only one character on each league may interact with the plot points, this is the scroll bearer.

Once again our heroes are Captain Engelhorn and his crew, and Singapore Smith with the Explorers Guild.

Here is the port of China Station, The yellow tokens mark the characters who are the plot points for the adventure. Captain Engelhorn and his crew are seen here on the left side of the water with the Explorer’s Guild gathered around the Plot Point on the right side of the water.

Singapore Smith attempting the Plot point.

Jane Driscoll, 1st Mate of the S.S. Venture is approaching one of the Plot Points.

Engelhorn leads the rest of his crew towards a second Plot Point

Pearl stands in front of the temple

Japanese Soldiers begin to harass the Explorer’s Guild

The Explorers are not defenseless however!

One of the soldiers shoot Lumpy before the Captain avenges her.

Singapore Smith is shot at while Choy verifies a scroll

Driscoll ends up in a serious firefight out on the quay.

Singapore Smith may well have the map!

I am pretty sure from these pictures that we had forgot the “scroll bearer” rule, It certainly looks like at least four characters were interacting with plot points. Oh well that happens!

Not sure who had the one true map in the end, I think it was Englehorn but I just din’t know!

I will have to do better next time!

Untill then,


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