A Never Mind the Billhooks After Action Report

Wargames Illustrated #393, the September 2020 issue included and very enjoyable set of War of the roses rules called Nevermind the Billhooks, a set of rules intended for large skirmish games in 28mm.

I have been interested in this period for some time and have been playing around with it ever since the Perry brothers released their excellent miniatures for the period. I have experimented with a Sharp Practice variant (one for the original edition and the newer second). as well as a variant for Lion Rampant.

At present however, my War of the Roses go to is Never Mind the Billhooks. I find it an excellent balance of historic feel to enjoyable playability.

Here is my review video

..and here is an after action report

Untill next time,


One thought on “A Never Mind the Billhooks After Action Report

  1. Thanks Ron,for your appreciative and perceptive comments on “Billhooks”. You are exactly the sort of wargamer it is aimed at. Someone who accepts it for what it is – a fun game that is true to its period and makes a player want to come back for more. Cheers, Andy

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