Merry Christmas!!!

santa claus

The Blog With No Name is organizing a Christmas Project for wargaming bloggers that I have decided to enlist for.  More information is available at that blog!

Those of us participating in this project have been asked to create a wishlist to aid those assigned to us.  While I do feel odd doing so I can tell you that the fact my target has one certainly makes things more helpful!  So, with no further adieu

WARLORD  Belgian Chasseurs Ardennais FRC 47mm anti-tank gun any heads

28mm Romano Brit or early Saxons for dux brittaniarum

28mm terrain for Spain, 1940s Europe, 6th century Britain or 15th century Britain (buildings, fences or walls, street furniture whatever)

28mm Perry American Civil war rioters of early militia

28mm Early Spanish Napoleonic (Brigade Games)

28mm Arab Revolt (Brigade Games)

28mm Gangs of New York

1:56 French of German early war vehicles

Surprise me!

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