I have been an avid wargamer since I was very young and have a strong interest in military history.  This interest has brought me not only to the hobby to which this blog is based, but also to the hobby of Historical Reenacting and eventually to my current profession in the Living History field.

In my youth, I had a preference for complicated rule systems which I thought conveyed more realism.  It has always been my goal as a wargamer or as a reenactor to try in small way to experience the feelings and challenges of being a soldier.  While this intent is still very important to me, I have altered entirely my opinion regarding rule sets.  Today I want rules that convey the feeling of period and allow period tactics to succeed but are playable.  I want to have fun.  Some wargamers I kn0w grow pretentious on the matter, but truth is we are all just little boys pushing toy soldiers around an imaginary battlefield!

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi there. Just moved to Williamsburg and am looking to get hooked up with local gamers. I play Warhammer 40knmostly for a just for fun narrative perspective. I also enjoy board games, imperial assault and x wing. I would love to push toy soldiers around. Contact me.


  2. Ron, you left a comment on my webpage about Setting the Scene Volumes 1 & 2. The Payapla invoice I sent bounced. Either your inbox is full or the email address you left was incorrect.


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