Santa Clause and the G-Men


Boxing day found the Williamsburg Legati involved in this year’s 7TV Christmas game.   This year we used the new PULP version and played G-Men Versus the Shadow Ring.  Actually, I ran the same game I recently ran at the local convention, the VIP rescue scenario.  For this version, however, I switched Santa Clause in as the VIP and replaced the Shocktroopers with three Evil Snowmen.


Not a lot of pictures I am afraid.  Partly that is due to exhaustion, partly due to my have forgot a third of my terrain and all of my sidewalks!  The terrain was, therefore, a little disappointing.


As to the game, things went poorly for the side of Justice from the very start.  The combination of the Secret Rings Star qualities and abilities, Cliffhanger cards, and Gadgets left several turns in which none of the Heroic Stars could activate.  I have never seen such bad luck in 7TV.  The G Men Agents and Police officers were decimated while unsupported by their stars.  Finally, a well timed Stealing The Scene and there was almost no chance of saving Santa. Well, that and it was getting late and I wasn’t the only one exhausted.  Christmas is a very busy season of the year where some of us work.


I will have to try something else next year.  These hostage scenario episodes are very difficult, Santa was only saved once and that was against a very poorly designed baddie cast.

Happy Holidays and see you next year!


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