“Terror On Water Street” A Pulp Alley Scenario!!!


  So last night we played our third game of Pulp Alley at my club the Williamsburg Legati.  Chris, Peter, Dave and myself were all there.  I had decided to try something new and play in an urban environment, but our terrain was less prepared for than then I thought.  That’s one of the reasons I decided to post the picture in the style I did,( the other was to play with my Comic Life program!)

  The major Plot point was little Rosalyn Woodham, the daughter of a wealthy shipping tycoon, she found herself trapped at War Memorial Park by a wild tyrannosaurus rex.  The dinosaur had recently been discovered and captured on a deserted island and brought to Manhattan to be exhibited by adventurer and showman Nigel Horne.

    Unloading the creature from the tramp steamer that delivered it proved more difficult than expected, and the beast freed itself and ventured into the city.  The army had been called and the Army Air Corps had attacked the creature but those efforts were stopped when the girl was discovered.


        The minor plot points included an unexploded piece of ordinance dropped by the planes which needed to be disarmed, a poor drunk who was passed out and unaware of the danger he was now in, a smashed crate of stolen tommy guns that the mob was transporting when the dinosaur arrived, and a jade amulet also brought from the island with the dinosaur.  One of the Steamer’s crew was trying to sell it claiming it could control the dinosaur

     Three leagues tried to rescue the girl.  The Gentlemen adventurers, for excitement and because it was the right thing to do, the Red Shambala and Legio Patria Nostro, both for their own more mercenary reasons.  The Englishmen ended up being chased into the safety of the surrounding brownstones by the Lizard and spent most of their time there, They did manage to wake the Drunk and send him on his way however, right under the drooling mouth of the hungry beast!.  The Russians tried unsuccessfully to disarm the bomb, but the explosion left everyone unharmed.  The renegade Legionnaires of Patria Nostro managed to save the girl and confiscate the guns though it is doubtful that they intended to return them to the authorities.  All of thew leagues departed when the girl was saved, and the bombing recommenced.


     This was a very enjoyable game, and now that all of our members are familiar with the rules we intend to beginning recording their successes in campaign fashion.  I will continue to record their adventurers here and will try to remember to take pictures instead of losing myself in the excitement of the game!

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